Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Journalists Attacked: Russian Gov't Probe Shuts The eXile

The eXile, Moscow's ass-kicking alt-weekly (slogan: "mankind's only alternative since 1997"), has been shut down by government probe. These guys were hilarious. Read a selection of past articles here and more about the closing here. "Yes, they said it was impossible," says this humourous feature on The eXile's website. "They said no newspaper could possibly survive 11 years only to reach that milestone of making the president’s mouth our personal urinal—but thanks to you, the ungrateful reader who never gave us any money and who was too cowardly to let your peers even see that you were reading The eXile, furtively slipping this paper between the pages of The Moscow Times or stuffing it into your briefcase for safe toilet reading later—thanks to your total unwillingness to sacrifice a single hair on your ass, we made it. It’s a joint effort, and it’s time we congratulated ourselves." R.I.P.
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