Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Soldier On Camera Contradicting Putin Denial That Troops Are Russian

It's the invasion that has you feeling like you're on crazy pills.

Russia insists the estimated 6,000 to 7,000 heavily armed, Russian-speaking soldiers without insignia who have suddenly taken over most of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula -- many wearing face masks -- aren't from the Russian military and are beyond its control.

Instead, Russia's Vladimir Putin claims they're simply local "self-defense" forces who may have obtained their uniforms in a store -- despite numerous photos and video contradicting the claim. 

Some of the soldiers have also acknowledged to reporters and residents they're from the Russian military.

Russian Soldier: "That's the Kind of Uniform We Have -- Without Insignia"

Now, one of the soldiers in Kerch, Crimea, has acknowledged on camera that he is a Russian soldier.

In this Russian-language interview posted on the YouTube channel of, the soldier is asked 3:15 minutes in why he doesn't have insignia and where he's from.

"Because that's the kind of uniform we have -- without insignia," the soldier replies.

"In the Ukrainian or Russian military?" a reporter asks.

"I'm in the Russian service," the solder says.

"You're in the Russian service," a reporter says.


"What are Russian soldiers doing on Ukrainian territory?" asks a second reporter.

"Because... Don't you watch television?" replies the soldier.

UPDATE:'s YouTube channel has this video showing numerous images of unidentified soldiers in Crimea with equipment it says is available only to Russian troops.

The video is narrated by Anton Miknenko, deputy director of the Ukrainian army research centre.

"(Putin) is telling an outright lie. It's the height of cynicism," Miknenko says in this Ukrainian-language story.

"It's impossible to find enough equipment and weaponry in stores in Ukraine to equip all these men."

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