Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Incursion Repelled, Moscow Anti-War March Draws Up to 50,000

Ukrainian authorities say they repelled an attempted Russian military incursion into Ukraine, marking a dramatic escalation in the crisis in the region, says this Globe and Mail item.

Russian military helicopters reportedly attempted to land several dozen paratroopers in the Kherson area, north of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, which Russian soldiers invaded in late February.

Ukrainian-language reported that the incursion involved about 80 Russian soldiers supported by several armoured vehicles and military helicopters.

They reportedly seized natural gas facilities and a village in Kherson. Crimea is heavily reliant on infrastructure in Kherson for gas supplies, electricity and water.

Up to 50,000 at Moscow Anti-War March

The incident follows earlier reports of Russian soldiers and provocateurs attempting to enter Ukraine incognito in recent days.

Ukrainian defense official Andriy Parubiy has warned that Russia appears to be massing troops to mount a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands -- possibly as many as 50,000 -- marched today in Moscow to oppose their government's invasion of Crimea, BBC reports.

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