Friday, August 24, 2012

Resources: Freelance Writers' Blog

Freelancers, check out the "Show Me the Money" blog about making a living as a freelance writer. It's geared to members of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, but it's got great posts applicable to freelancers anywhere.

It's cowritten by Heidi Turner, PWAC's B.C. regional director, and Carla Furlong, a business-writing strategist and University of British Columbia business instructor. Their latest post: why and how you should finally pen that non-fiction book you've got rattling around in your head, with advice from several successful authors.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Investigative Journalism Resources: Mentor Program Looking for Help, Open for Applicants

If you're a successful freelancer or investigative reporter, consider helping a newbie. In today's tough industry climate, they need all the help they can get. Or if you're a newbie yourself, a mentorship program can help you get going or to sort out a tricky assignment or career question.

The Society of Environmental Journalists has a successful mentorship program and is looking for mentors who can give advice in freelance pitching and investigative reporting. Find out more at this webpage.