Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interesting: Pharma Marketing, MD Screening Tests Under Fire

Yet another pharma scandal is now blowing up over at Pfizer, reports Pharmalot.com in this item. A former Pfizer executive, Jesse Polansky, has sued the drug-maker in a whistleblower case alleging that Pfizer illegally schemed to boost the sales of its drug Lipitor for off-label uses (ones not approved by government regulators). See background on the case in this Wall Street Journal item. (It should be noted that Pfizer dismisses Polansky's claims, and federal authorities have declined to join the suit on Polansky's side.)
In a related item, the Seattle Times reports in this piece that a slew of reports indicate doctors are ordering too many screening tests and C-sections that can actually harm patients without any evidence-based benefit.

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