Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tools: FOI Litigation Handbook

Lawyer and journalist Harry Hammitt, the FOI guru behind the AccessReports.com resource website, has come out with a new book, "Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws 2008". "Under the Freedom of Information Act, one need not be a lawyer to file a lawsuit," says Secrecy News, a project of the Federation of American Scientists, in a post on the new handbook. "A clever, committed advocate can sometimes defeat a team of government lawyers and win disclosure of denied documents. On the other hand, an inept, overzealous or unlucky litigant can leave a trail of legal wreckage that will make the lives of other FOIA requesters more difficult. A newly updated guidebook will help any would-be litigant, whether a lawyer or not, to avoid many of the pitfalls of FOIA litigation and to realistically assess the chances of success. Don't file suit without it." Read more here at Hammit's site.

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