Monday, November 12, 2007

Distance education - Philippines
Electives consist of: Advanced Computer-assisted Reporting, Creative Writing, Editorial and Opinion Writing, Investigative Journalism, Issues in Broadcast ...
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Jeffrey Feldman: Media Derelict On Damning Giuliani Scoop
By Jeffrey Feldman(
And so, Americans are left with no choice but to do the work themselves--to rally behind good investigative journalism and shine a light on the candy floss that passes itself off as reporting the presidential campaign. ...
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Cecil Bothwell to helm news desk of new independent weekly in ...
By ash(Admin)
The _Asheville City Paper,_ targeting n 18-45 liberal demographic, will feature hard-hitting investigative journalism and will cover national politics, local news and music. Additionally, the paper will feature nationally syndicated ...
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50bookchallenge @ 2007-11-10T11:57:00
By armagh444(50bookchallenge)
Historical investigative journalism. That's what O'Neill calls it anyway. Frankly, I'm not sure that I like the term - either for its accuracy or its implications. And I am similarly not sure that I liked this book. ...
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